How to Crowdfund Seminar 2015 with Thomas Mai

Thomas Mai
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Free Seminar/ Donate What You Want

Donate What You Want or get it for free and keep or stream the 2 hour+ HD seminar from Thomas Mai on How To Crowdfund. 

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Thomas has done more than 20 crowdfunding campaigns for filmmakers raising more than $830,000. 

Film Producer and Sales Agent

Thomas is a film producer with 7+ titles under his belt and a former sales agent having sold hundreds of films for Lars von Trier and many many more great directors. 


Named a Brave New Thinker by Ted Hope and a producer to watch by Variety. 

What You Will Learn

In this engaging video you will learn: 

- How to find and engage with your audience before you make your movie

- How to use Facebook advertising as a research tool

- How to use storytelling to captivate and build a database of FANS

- How to use data to make smarter business decisions for your film

- How to use crowdfunding as an alternative financing source 

- Learn about the 3 circles of influences you must crack to be successful 

- How to setup your crowdfunding campaign 

- How to build a database of vested 3rd party partners 

- How to get your film into cinemas and keep the profit and rights

- Plus so much more

You will also get to download and keep: 

- a pdf file of the keynote presentation from the video 

- a pdf overview of the 20 crowdfunding campaigns 

Why Donate what you want? 

Why is it donate what you want? I want all filmmakers to learn about all the new amazing possibilities and some have very little to no money and therefore everyone can choose what to donate. Yes, thats right, donate what you want. I humbly suggest you donate a minimum of $10 but you can donate $0.  Donate what you want for this seminar and help Thomas make more content available. is launching soon

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How to Crowdfund Seminar 2015 with Thomas Mai

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